Michael Dailey

Founder and CEO of InvestorKeep

InvestorKeep was founded in 2018 by former bankers and financial advisors seeking to empower community banks and credit unions to improve retention of and deepen relationships with current customers. Our strategies for achieving this goal are

  1. Simplifying Complexities
  2. Keeping track of finances can be complex for customers served by financial institutions. That is one reason why consumers identify “help with finance management and planning” as critical need within digital banking.

  3. Education that pays for itself
  4. Financial statements, especially those associated with managing investments, are difficult to navigate and read. That's why 10% of your customers that have investment accounts, do not know they are paying fees, 53% do not know the amount of fees they pay and, on average they lose $100K due to poor portfolio fit and/or balancing.

  5. Making Your Institution a Hero to Its Customers.
  6. At InvestorKeep we believe that community banks and credit unions who can actively educate their customers on how to best manage their finances can create trust and loyalty directly in the digital channel. InvestorKeep is the first third-party, unbiased solution that monitors finances to help your customers keep more, earn more, and live more.

InvestorKeep increases customer retention with high value-add financial monitoring that helps them keep more, earn more, and live more, adding to your bottom line.

Trusted by financial institutions and industry leaders

Partnering with leading industry experts using the best analysis and technology in the business to monitor financial accounts 24/7

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